Chalets / Trading Units

The layout of the craft market allows a combination of wooden chalets, bespoke containers and mobile units. Priority is given to utilising the 2 types of chalets available for hire, shown in the images below.

Mobile units will be considered through the application assessment stage.

The bespoke containers are already allocated as they are located in agreed positions within the cathedral grounds.


Chalet Presentation

We know the overall theme, look and atmosphere of the craft market are important aspects. Therefore, all chalets, containers and mobile units must look smart, festive and inviting.

Each chalet and bespoke container will already have external festive lighting and similar lighting will be considered for mobile units.

The eaves on the outside front edge of each chalet will be seasonally dressed in garlands and a name sigh for each trader will be installed in readiness for trading.

All traders are required to dress the inside of their chalets, containers, mobile units with their own suitable festive decorations and lighting but this must be in keeping with the overall theme and look of the craft market.

No external rooftop adornments are permitted

No products can be displayed outside the trading unit

‘A’ boards will not be permitted.

Traders who fail to maintain a suitable standard will be asked to make the necessary adjustments and failure to do so will impact on future applications.
Further guidance will be made available if your application is successful.

A supply of electricity is included in the trading fee, but this supply is for lighting the internal space of the chalet and for general usage such as payment machines and phone charging.

Electricity usage will be monitored by our staff, so everyone must stay within the consumption limits and in accordance with the T&C. High consumption items, such as kettles and heaters, will be permitted so long as maximum prescribed load limits are not exceed.

All electrical equipment used on site must have a valid PAT certificate.