Craft Market Mix

The market-mix over previous years has proved extremely successful with visitors to the market commenting that they love the exposure the market provides to independent craft and gift traders and the weekly ‘swaps’ which entices them to visit the market on a regularly basis.

They also recognised that the food and drink offer on the market was reflective of the diverse offer across the city and region.

It is important to ensure that there is a wide range of product types across the whole market. We are always looking for new and innovative products to be sold at the market. Certain product categories are always oversubscribed and in such instances, assessments will be made on locality, quality, uniqueness and exclusivity.
This year the footprint of the market will allow for 42 trading locations.

What We Are Looking For

The selection process will once again focus on applicates that can clearly demonstrate their individuality, independence and a genuine commitment to making their own products/produce.

Our focus is to showcase a wide variety of quality gifts, crafts and speciality foods. Preference will be given to products which are handcrafted, produce sourced or made locally and stallholders who are from Birmingham and the local region.

The selection process will consider the quality and retail mix of products on offer which play an important role in the overall feel of the event and will seek traders who fill gaps in the retail mix.

Gift & Craft Weekly, fortnight or whole 20
Off Sales - Sweet Treats Weekly, fortnight or whole 3
Off Sales - Alcoholic Weekly, fortnight or whole 3
Food Total Period 10
Alcohol Total Period 6

Selection Criteria

The following criteria will be used to assess each individual application:



Products that are handmade will score more highly than those that are mass produced.



Stallholders from Birmingham and the surrounding area are given priority over those from further away.



The compliment of traders should reflect the local areas diverse demographics.



Products finished and presented to a high standard, meeting all manufacturing, & environmental standards.


Price Range

The products and produce to be sold provide value for money to suit all budgets.


Think Green

We are seeking traders who can demonstrate their commitment to reduce, reuse and recycle waste.